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Providing people of Melbourne, the best Asian food they’d ever had. 

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Here, you can go through our menu. We provide the best Asian Food in a very reasonable price as we value our customers.

Teriyaki Chicken


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Wok Toss Green Veg


Phak Si Kheiyw

Seasonable Green veggies with special stir fry Szechuan Sauce.

Add on: Crispy pork belly extra $3

Thai Fry Chicken


Peek Gaitoo       

Chicken ribs marinated in ginger, garlic, sambar and lemon grass. Served with sambal mayonnaise.

Master Pork Belly


Twice cooked pork belly
served with chilly caramel
sauce and sour fruit salad and
fragrant herbs. (GF)

Grilled Lamb Ribs


Indonesian coconut rum
marinated lamb ribs in Asian
dry spices and sticky glaze

Steam Buns


Grilled wagyu beef with
Pickled carrot, daikon, mixed
fresh herbs with homemade
sambal mayonnaise.(VG/V)

Chilly Pork Wontons


Prik Khihnu Hmu 

Filled with fatty Pork, ginger, garlic and homemade chilly oil. Finished with black vinegar and sesame oil.

Randang Curry


Indonesian style slow cooked Local Lamb with coconut milk, herbs and spices.

Thai Papaya Salad


Green papaya, snake beans, tomatoes, carrot, chilly, mixed herbs, king oyster mushroom with somtam dressing.

Sea Weed Tuna (2pcs)


Cured tuna with Asian spices,
black seaweed, avo, wasabi
on fried cassava cracker.

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Black Pepper Calamari


Crispy calamari with green apple and mango, roasted peanut salad and spicy sweet lime dressing.

Laksha BBQ Chicken


Chicken thigh marinated overnight with homemade Laksha paste served with peanut sauce and fragrant herbs.


pastas, wine, red wine


Plain / Sparkling


Choice of Mocktail

Bluberry / Mojito / Margarita / Bloody Merry


Non-alcoholic Beer



Muddy Ice Cream

(Vietnamese mousse and
coconut ice cream with tequila
and white choco-chips )


Thai Milk Tea(Panna Cotta)

(Thai inspired Panna cotta
with chewy pearls with
caramalised brown sugar)


Sago Pudding

(Chef’s special sago pudding
with blueberries)